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Convert colour pictures toward greyscale is one of the most difficult exercice.

The most naive among us will just use the "Image/Mode/Greyscale" menu. Experts have their own recipes to get the perfect effect.

Somewhere in the middle, there are users, aware that using "Image/Mode/Greyscale" is bad, but not skilled enough to get a proper effect without spending a lot of time.

What is the solution to stop loosing time ? Trevor Morris wrote a script which explores all the well known techniques to convert a color image toward greyscale. Depending on your setup, you can get up to 20 variations. You can then decide to take one of the generated picture or to make your own experiments based on the setup you liked.

BW overview

(credits photo : xemanhdep.com)


Install the script and relaunch Photoshop if necessary.

Open a picture.


Run the script via File/Scripts/BW Variations.
In the dialog, check the variations you want.

Image 3BW aperçu

The script creates the variations.


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