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Why Scriptopedia?

The scripts are truly useful tools in a production workflow. They release you from boring tasks never complaining and let you focus on what matters : the ideas.

There are so many scripters all around the world to offer such codes. As an user and developper, I have often enjoyed finding and using scripts from  Marc Autret, d'Olav Kvern, de Jongware and all the ones whose I forget to quote.

Basically, it's quite common that surfing, I discover a new gold mine. To be brief, resources are quite unlimited but as for the web, they are scattered. Isn't that a pity that you don't use a script that may be useful just because you don't know it exists ?

It was time, not to make a new new new scripts site on Indesign or in Photoshop or Illustrator, but to offer a sharing place gathering all the possible and imaginable scripts for the Adobe Software. Scriptopedia.org was born.

Scriptopedia intends, as a Adobe Scripting wikipedia, to be a rallying point of the developpers and graphic designers community. So we can gather all the best in one site. This library aims to get richer in the time. If you want to make your scripts be known, don't hesitate participating.
If you find the scripts base a little poor at first, let us say that we work hard to expand it but your contribution may help us.

We wanted to restrain Scriptopedia.org to the desktop publishing field only. Here, you will find everything that is related to Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator or Acrobat automation. We feel that web scripting resources are well enough present and there is nothing new  we could have brought in this area.
On the contray, we think that there is a hole in the Desktop Publishing sector and Scriptopedia aims to fill it.

Of course feel free to post comments. If you see one of your scripts here that was place without your agreement and thet you don't want to appear here, let us know.

I would like to thank Eddy who has patiently built Scriptopedia.org and made that adventure possible. Before, it was an idea in my mind, with Eddy, it has come reality. Thanks a lot to all who has participated or will, to the Scriptopedia.org growing.

Enjoy the visit !


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About Scriptopedia.org

An original idea from Loic Aigon, designed by Eddy.VH. It 's a scripts library for Desktop Publishing Adobe products. Find Javascript for Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign and Acrobat or ATN scripts ( Photoshop actions ) you need.