Picture framing Interface for photographers. In percentage!

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psOften is it asked on forums, for a solution to create picture frames using percentage as the unit of measurement for the framework.

The disadvantage of enlarging the work area (a more than common practice to create picture frames) is that percentage should be calculated according to the ratio of the image for an enlargement of the height and width.

This script is the solution. No matter the size of the image, the appearance of your photos will always be the same, or not the same, depending on what you want!


"Back to the past" with well done Vintage analog pictures

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A few weeks ago, we introduced you Edge FX, a Photoshop plug-in made by Sebastien Piconnier allowing you to make quick and efficient frame borders.

Sébastien comes back to us, to introduce his latest plugin, welcome "Analog Photo FX"


Adding edge effects onto your picture couldn't be easier !

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if you like give some nice artistic touch to yor pictures, you need this extension. With up to 60 edge effects at hand, your creativity will be reborn and your time saved !

Thanks to an Adobe Configurator panel, Sebastien Piconnier 's latest work is just awesome. Don't wait any longer to get it.

Edge FX


Links Panel for Photoshop CS4 and CS5

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{jcomments off}Here is a photoshop panel that let you import dynamic objects with a link towards the original file.

That's a perfect tool to update an object you are using in several documents.


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Select your PSD layers with their names (update 09/06/2010)

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As a graphic designer, I have learned a few golden rules.

On top of the list, You have to smartly name your photoshop layers. Indeed, one document may become really messy and you can't afford spending time seeking for your layers.

But in the end, even the most organized start loosing control over the 100th layer. And I don't talk about the expanding/collapsing effect with layers groups, layer styles that can disturb you...

Won't it be much easier to just "call" them with their names ? As you named them, let's use this attribute ! This is the aim of this script.

For a few weeks, you could use a script of mine. But recently, I was contacted by Paul Riggott who told me such a script already existed and could be found at ps-scripts.
After we shered a few thoughts, Paul Riggott has given me back an improved version. So I am pleased to make his script replace mine.



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