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Select a range of pages to export.
ExtractPages pulls off the pages and generates a new document.

You may choose to export each page as an individual Indesign document.
Remove eventually the extracted pages from the source document.
If needed, pick a specific folder for your PDF files export.


  1. Download and unzip the file in the InDesign script directory.
  2. Launch inDesign and display scripts panel  : "Window / Automation / Scripts"
  3. Double click on the script to launch it.


Pages Extractor de Loic Aigon



20 thoughts on “ExtractPages”

  1. The download link on this page is for a different script from the one this page is about. Can this be fixed?

  2. Error corrected, thank you for your warning !!!

  3. I tried to run this script in CS6, and it doesn't work. Any chance you can make and updated script?

  4. *BUMP*

    This doesn't work in CS6. It gives the error:

    JavaScript Error!

    Error Number: 24
    Error String: app.locale.toLocaleName is not a function

    Engine: main
    Line: 87
    Source: String.L10N = File(app.activeScript).

    Please help!

  5. I found a script that works with CS5 and up: http://www.kasyan.ho.com.ua/extractpages.html

  6. If you want to use the original version, create Version 5.0 Scripts folder (in Scripts Panel folder) and put the original script there. See following link for example:


  7. didn't work on my machine with CS5 - none of the mentioned versions worked. they just copied the whole file

  8. none of the versions worked. they just copied the whole file.

    1. Loic version is scheduled for CS3 and CS4. The version of Kasyan is for CS6.

  9. FYI, I just downloaded and tested the following script which worked perfectly:


    If you want individual InDesign files, you must check the Extract as separate pages" box.

  10. I've downloaded the .zip and... folder is empty?! Can you correct it? Or I am doing something wrong?

  11. Hello.
    I download the zip and everything is ok. You probably did something wrong.

  12. Yes, the zip is empty. Tried it at 2 sites on 2 different OS (Win and Mac).
    This sounds like a great script. Can someone fix the bad download?

  13. Sorry.

    The problem is solved !

  14. Is anyone else getting an error when trying to use the script? I'm using CC2017

    screenshot here:

  15. [quote name=meilip"]Is anyone else getting an error when trying to use the script? I'm using CC2017

    screenshot here:

    Have you tried Kasyan's version ?

  16. Hey there,

    using cc2020 and have a problem with the script as it has an error-warning:

    Fehlernummer: 24
    Fehlerzeichenfolge: app.locale.toLocaleName is not a function

    Zeile: 87
    Quelle: String.L10N = File(app.activeScript)

    Has anyone a solution? PLS!!!

    Thanks in advance!

    1. That’s still the same error message of the 1.0 version of the script using an outdated version of YALT localization method when running on CS6 and higher InDesign versions, first reported by Hybes in 2013. As Loic suggested when answering to the previous comment, you should try the 1.1 version (without localization) that works on newer InDesign versions. From now on I added the link to the 1.1 version as first choice in the article.

  17. I just used this one for  Indesign CS5.5 and it worked great



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