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Today PS-actions.com

While surfing, I found a very interesting script that lead me toward its editor'website : AV Bros.
This site offers a lots of scripts & actions for Photoshop®. A few one are really great.
Some are free, others commercial but prices stay reasonable.
As the site's ressources can't be offered here (even the free ones), we will only introduce here their website. What I can say fo far, is that I have successfully used AV Bros. Circumscriber 1.1

AV Bros website excerpt

AV Bros. Circumscriber 1.1 is a javascript tool for Adobe Photoshop® CS and higher.
This free script easily and quicky draws a circle (Like the Selection tool ) with 2 or 3 defined points.
AV Bros. Circumscriber 1.1 will save a lot of your time.

AV Bros also offers some plugins BF8 format (format of Photoshop filters) as a puzzle creator and effects of winding pages...

To learn more, let's have a look there AV Bros website (En ).

psReperes is a 4 ATN free Scripts (Actions) for photoshop. They automatically and precisely place guides to a document.

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