Reedit the import options of any placed graphic

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Script inDesign

When you place a graphic (pdf or indd page, jpg/tif/psd/png image) you can set a number of options in the import options dialog. Once the file is placed, some options can be modified (object layer options for pdf/indd/psd, photoshop clipping path selection…) but some others parameters set in the import options dialog box are frozen (imported page number, "crop to" option for pdf/indd pages, profile and rendering intent for RGB images), unless you browse back to the file to place it again.


Columns calculator

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Columns Calculator

You have a text frame of a given width (for example 277 mm) and you want to split it to several columns (of equal width) separated by gutters, you can do it easily in the "Text Frame Options" dialog.

  • If you want 2, 4, 5 or 8 columns, you will easily get column and gutter widths multiples of 0.25 or 0.1 by selecting "Columns: Fixed Number", by changing the "Number" and "Gutter" fields without touching the "Width" field (ex: 5 columns, gutters 4 mm → width 52.2 mm).
  • But for other numbers of columns such as 3, 6, 7, 9, 11… You will get unpleasant values (ex: 7 columns, gutters 4 mm → width 36.143 mm).

This script will enable you in the second case to find simpler values: you select your text frame and launch the script, and it will suggest you all possible column and gutter widths multiples of a given increment (by default, the cursor key increment of your document view preferences). This enables you to discover round values you'd never thought about: for example you can split your 277 mm text frame to seven 37 mm columns separated by 3 mm gutters.


Create Pure OpenType Fonts with InDesign CS4+

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This is a great day for both typography lovers and InDesign fans! IndyFont is a complete typeface builder for InDesign CS4/CS5/CS6. This new and amazing tool created by Jongware can generate clean and functional OpenType fonts in just a few seconds. Did you ever need to have custom bullets available in your layout? Did you ever imagine to design your own character set, including your logo or any required pictogram, with the ability to edit ligatures, diacritics, oldstyle figures, swashes or any alternate? You no longer have to buy and master a complex font editor to have it done! Check out IndyFont and enjoy drawing from A to Z pure OTF fonts in InDesign…

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Wordalizer 1.25 | Create Word Clouds in InDesign

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Wordalizer is a “word cloud” generator written in JavaScript for InDesign CS4 and CS5 (Mac and Win). The current stable release (v. 1.25) is based on a new lexical parser that runs up to 100X faster than the previous beta!
It also provides a number of improvements and new features: 6 source languages supported, a full word list editor, session-persistent settings, ability to rework from the active cloud, control of the minimum word length, “rarest words” option, 15 color shemes...


Resize all images in your document to 100%

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It's a good idea to avoid extreme scaling both in expanding and reduction. And you may have to stay around 85/115% ratios.
But the best thing shouldn't be to let the pictures 100% scale ?

Yes but, your document is now compler, all your pictures placed and the last thing you want is spend time modifying all the pictures one by one. So who cares after all, I make my PDF, and let the publisher deals with that. If you do so, it's probably meaning you like playing to the russian roulette (can I just say that ?).

Consciously letting important scales values in Indesign, You are giving to the PDF Engine the control over your image resampling and it's like asking the baker to lay your carpet. And Photoshop does that so well...

Ok but It's not tellin me how  to resize all my images in one step! Just use this script from Kasyan Servetsky that will ease your life !




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