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Image 2psDon't you wonder often how large you can print your picture ?

Can I use my image for a billboard ? At 300 dpi, will my document fully cover my A4 ?

If you frequently wonder about that, that extension may be useful.



Unzip and install the extension.

Relaunch Photoshop if needed.

Launch the panel via File/Scripts/printableSizes.jsx.

If you have no documents open, the panel displays no information. Open a file and click on refresh.

Image 1

The panel has three columns:

  • The first one (DPI) lists the different resolutions.
  • The second one (Printing sizes) gives the dimensions regarding to the resolution and picked unit.
  • The third one (Dist.) advices you to respect a minimum distance between the audience and your printed document.

A dropdown list allows you to switch from one unit to another (mm,cm,m,in,ft).

If you open a new document, click on "Refresh".

The file name is always given in the table title. So you always know what document has been analyzed by the script.

The panel is localized in english.


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