MagicTints is the latest addition to the panels by developer Anastasiy Safari, classified here in the Photoshop category but also integrated into Illustrator and InDesign, and soon available for other applications. This panel is pretty intuitive considering that I managed to use it at 1st time without needing to read the documentation: MagicTints stores the reference picture you choose, then uses it as color palette to recolor your images.

MagicTints has already been adopted by some artists with impressive resumes such as Craig Shoji or Joe Spadaford and I myself am amazed by its possibilities.


Match colors between two images.
Automatically color grade multiple images/layers at once with one click.
Machine Learning panel.

ColorMatch MagicTints featured background
MagicTints features photo2whitebg

ColorMatch MagicTints MagicRecolor Screenshot2New panel inside Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, XD, Affinity Photo, Sketch, macOS, Windows iOS, Android.

>> Read more and see all features of MagicTints panel for Adobe Photoshop CC & other software.
▶ Videos: MagicTints demo & basics.

Anastasiy Safari is also the developer of the most recommended extension manager for Adobe exensions, replacing the obsolete Adobe Extension Manager (for example to install the full version of MagicTints provided as zxp file).

2 thoughts on “Match colors between two images using MagicTints”

  1. Thank you very much for this! It's the first time I see the so much accurately working color matching software.

  2. great script!

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