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psOften is it asked on forums, for a solution to create picture frames using percentage as the unit of measurement for the framework.

The disadvantage of enlarging the work area (a more than common practice to create picture frames) is that percentage should be calculated according to the ratio of the image for an enlargement of the height and width.

This script, write from Habaki is the solution. No matter the size of the image, the appearance of your photos will always be the same, or not the same, depending on what you want!

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This script has a user interface.

It allows adding a frame, from single to triple thickness, with custom settings as a percentage of the thickness and colour of these frameworks.

Adding a signature with setting the text size in percent, the location of the image, colour and font are user's preferred menu.

What is the advantage of working as a percentage? No matter the size of your image, it can always be made identical.
The script interface is trilingual: French, English and German, the selection can be made in a dropdown menu.

For an interface to always stay in your language, set it the first time and click "Save".

The script then stores your information in a file that will re-read every time you start and run according to the last record.
You want to change? Do it and simply resave the new parameter ...
The script can be run either on a single image or multi-layer, locked or not, everything remains editable as text if the location does not suit you.


It's not a script designed for batch processing, it interfaces with user action.

Preview (Click to view full size)

javascript d'encadrement d'images pour Photoshop

I tested this script in conjunction with Habaki on images of various sizes, it is bug free. Remember to save your settings first to find the script each time.


  1. Unzip the script and place it in the scripts folder of Photoshop. It will be available via the menu: File / Scripts

  2. Unzip the script and place it in any directory on your hard drive. It will be available via the menu: File / Scripts / Browse. You will then need to browse your hard drive to the script.

Update: Added version for Windows 7.

Be sure to download the version compatible with your operating system.



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