Mikhail Ivanyushin designed this script to extend the possibilities of creating running headers from master pages in InDesign, enabling to achieve:

  • headers including an automatic numbering (not typed as part of the text but defined in the paragraph style),
  • headers combining text snippets from various paragraphs from the page,
  • headers extending to more than one line (instead of automatically narrowing to fit in a single line).


Here are a few examples of comparison between

cmyk babochkaheaders made possible with the CompositeRunningHeader script, vs

InDesignheaders you have to settle for when using only InDesign (if you want to stick to automatic generation from master pages)


MixStylesInRunningHeaderEng 4

MixStylesInRunningHeaderEng 6


CompositeRunningHeader 400x400 ▶ Read more from the author in his pdf manual

CompositeRunningHeader is available to purchase on Mikhail Ivanyushin’s website

And of course, keep in mind that this is a script, not a dynamically working plugin. Therefore, it is advisable to make out running headers at the end of the layout, when everything is already placed and put together.

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