Gutenberg Drop Caps is a script designed by Mikhail Ivanyushin to help achieve in InDesign some drop caps closer to the ones we can see in ancient books such as the Gutenberg Bible[1]: this script enables, starting with a paragraph with a standard InDesign drop cap — where the first letter is surrounded by a rectangular empty space, with the rest of the paragraph aligned to the right — to get a paragraph where the rest of the text fits to the shape of the drop cap right side — like in the case of a free shape graphic frame with contour wrapping on. Then a panel offers a few additional settings after processing. In the same time it keeps the text integrity (the first letter remains visible in the story editor) to preserve search and indexation.

GutenbergDropCap 400x400 Mikhail’s demo video on Youtube shows in details its functionalities, so does the pdf manual.

Gutenberg Drop Caps is available to purchase on Mikhail Ivanyushin’s website

[1] See some Gutenberg Bible specimens:

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