A few weeks ago, we introduced you Edge FX, a Photoshop plug-in made by Sebastien Piconnier allowing you to make quick and efficient frame borders.

Sébastien comes back to us, to introduce his latest plugin, welcome "Analog Photo FX"


This new plug-in let you, as the name says, old and analog pictures.
Once you installed the plugin thanks to the Adobe Extension Manager, you can access the panel within Photoshop via the Window/Extensions menu.



Then the panel appears like a native and independant panel.
Open a picture and apply the chosen effect. If you don't like the result, just click "Oups!" to reset and start over.
The plug-in includes 10 predefined effects et 6 customizables effects.

The effects customization instrcutions are given in the user manual, provided as a PDF file in english. A french version should come with the release of Analog Photo Fx prévue on April the 1st (Not kidding ).

Be upfront visiting Sébastien's website picking the news before the release.

PS : The plug-in is not compatible with versions of Photoshop earlier than CS5.


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