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psAddFileNamePlus is a script that can grab the file name and put that info on a customizable text layer (Ex. Copyright).


  1. Download the script and place it in the Photoshop scripts folder ( see scripts installation ).
  2. Run Photoshop and open a file.
  3. « File/Scripts/AddFileNamePlus » (or /Other scripts if you saved the script somewhere else).
  4. That's all.


You can suit that script to your own needs.

You may want to add the file extension or not, modify or remove the text in front of or after the file name, set the font1, its size, blend mode, opacity and the generated layer position.

To edit all that stuff, simply open the AddFileNamePlus.js file in a text editor (or HTML) and change what you need2.

Then the script can be used independently but can be also linked to a ATN script to get more automation.

1 The font name must be precise. Use a font manager or use the included Adobe script GetFontName.js if necessary. To use GetFontName.js, open a new Document, type a dumb text and apply the script.

2 Elements to be modified are pointed out in english and translated in french by me.

Screenshot :



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