éventail par le script FANI like geometric transformations. That's why i propose to you this time the presentation of an image as a fan. This is a fun presentation for panoramic pictures.


This script splits the current layer into vertical slices and arranges the slices as a fan into a new layer "FAN".
Slices are separated with a margin and the corners are rounded.
It is possible to define the fan angle, from 0 to 360 degrees.

Prefer an image with a much larger width than the heigth to get a nice fan.

A user interface allows to define the parameters of this transformation:
Number of slices, Fan angle, Circle radius, Margin between slices, Radius of the round corners.

Three files are provided: PATHS.JSX, TRANSFRM.JSX and FAN.JSX. It's FAN.JSX that must be executed.


éventail 2éventail 3éventail 4


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