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idIndexMatic 2 is a powerful and highly configurable word-indexing tool for InDesign CS3, CS4, and CS5+ (Mac and Win). The present release (v. 2.021) offers completely new features: ‘sub-topic’ processing, XML export, InDesign snippet generation, and much more!

Peter Kahrel, June 2011“This script is a truly wonderful achievement. It's versatile, clever, and lightning fast, and the options are sensible.”


IndexMatic 2 (iX²) helps you to compile an independent index from any InDesign document or book. You will want to use it to quickly build subject indexes, language indexes, author indexes, or even product nomenclatures! The script can process wordlists, regular expressions, and/or a number of advanced filters. It can automatically extract the whole vocabulary of the targeted document(s), or selectively retrieve the content from layers, footnotes, tables, style ranges…


Aperçu du script de Marc Autret

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