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Script launcher can save a lot your time when you have stored or downloaded here too many scripts. It may then be hard to read and use the scripts panel but thanks to Peter Kahrel, all you have to do now is to tell which script you want to launch or to select it in a dropdown listand there you go.



Your scripts library is getting bigger and bigger. The probleme is that when you are looking at one specificly, you have to use a tiny tiny tiny panel and it may be hard to find what you are looking for.
Of course, you can create subfolders within the Indesign scripts folderbut isn't  ?

If you want to run a so called "myScript.jsx" script, why can't you just tell, Indesign, please run myScript ?
Or in the worst case, if you have to seek a script, can you do that without loosing an eye ?

And then Peter Kahrel brings to us Script launcher. Make a shortcut to Script launcher and all you have to do is to type in the script name (without .jsx) to run it.
Very useful when you don't want to chase the script panel all the time !
And if you have forgotten the exact name or if its name is so complicated that you don't want to type it, just pick it in the dropdown list.


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