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idInGutter allows you to easily create, style and manage a rule set between a text frame's columns in InDesign CS4 to CS6



A few time ago, on the wisibility.com's forum, we thought about adding custom rules to any text frame's columns.
It looked like Indesign had no native feature but Marc Autret brought a nice answer, a bit binding though as you had to do several process manually.

Then, he came back with a script that has improved his former trick in a very impressive way. Not only you can add custom gutter rules but you can also modify or remove existing rulers.

Holders InDesign CS3 should not update the script. This new version does not support CS3!

This script is now available for Indesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and CS6.

To learn more…

Let me tell you a hot tip... Try it once and you will never renounce to it smiley-wink


inGuter from Marc Autret : Settings inGutter


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