Kasyan Servetsky’s website provides and lists hundreds of uploaded scripts of his own and links to scripts available on others websites (more than 300 when Scriptopedia has for now slightly less than 120 posts). Kasyan wrote his scripts set "Fix overflow" to save time when he was working on a book where he needed to resize a countless number of text frames overflown after the point size was increased. Where InDesign lets you extend in the bottom direction a text frame with text overflow (Fitting > Fit Frame To Content), these scripts let you extend in other directions: top, bottom, left, right of course but also diagonally top + left, top + right, bottom + left, bottom + right, as well as simultaneously left + right or top + bottom.

Those ten modes are launched by ten scripts named for example Top-Left.jsx to extend diagonally to the top and left, Left-Right.jsx to extend simultaneously to the left and right, etc.





overflown frame








Those separate scripts are gathered in a folder including also Set parameters.jsx to set (in points) the values of "Increment", "Increase limit" (to set higher if you see after a first try that the text remains overflown) and "Add extra width/height" — the scripts operate by increasing many times in the desired direction with small steps of the specified increment value and stop when there is no longer text overflow or when increase limit is reached, optionally adding the extra width/height values.

Fix overflow is available to download on Kasyan’s website.

You can also support the author by donating via PayPal directly to his e-mail.

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