idIf you have to do several Find-Change operations, you must have already installed "FindChangeByList" script.

This script, although very efficient is some way limitated. If you work on multilingual documents or just want to add a request, you have to edit the source text file.

Then there was space for some tool which could be efficient for multiple find-change request but also flexible. And suddenly, Martinho comes and blows us all. Not only, his interface is very elegant (Flash) but his product "Multi-Find Change" (MFC in short) is just the perfect tool.

Sets Management, Batchs settings...Take advantage of the launch offer. MFC is then quite half its normal price. But even at full price, it will be worth every penny.



Here is a video of Multi-Find Change by Cari Jansen

To learn more, visit Martinho's website

Or on Laurent Tournier / Indigrep 's website who did a deeper presentation. It's in french but I couldn't find an introduction of that quality in the english world.


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