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idIf you are using the default supplied script CropMarks.jsx within Indesign, you will enjoy this revised version of this script by Loïc Teixeira. This one prevents crop marks to be placed into the selection. 


Select an object that you want to place cropmarks onto theen run the script.



5 thoughts on “Discover an advanced version of the "CropMarks.jsx" script”

  1. I am not able to download the script.
    I only get the file: advancedcropmarks.png
    which is the demo image.


    1. Sorry. Small error fixed, you can now download the file!

  2. Any chance of getting a script that has ONLY crop marks and no registration marks?

    1. Maybe I missed something in your question but at first sight it seems that you could just try to uncheck the Registration Marks" checkbox from the "AdvancedCropMarks" dialog box when using the current script version…

  3. Is there a way to change the standard measurements that come with the script? Eg Stroke Length instead of 10pt to 8.5pt etc so they default to the new measurements each time?

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