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makeLayersForLocalizedTextFrames duplicate all the textFrames onto new independent layers for multilingual publishing.

These layers are renamed accordingly to a languages list stored within the script.

Ex: A list [ "FR", "DE", "EN"] will create three layers named FR, DE and EN. Texts will be duplicated on any of these new layers.

All you have to do then is to modify the text frames regarding to the layer language.

  • Script : makeLayersForLocalizedTextFrames
  • Author : Loic Aigon
  • Type : javascript
  • Compatibility : inDesign / Windows - Mac OS X
  • Price : FREE


  1. Download and unzip the script in the InDesign scripts folder.
  2. Launch Indesign and open or create your document and lay out a few text frames.
  3. Open the scripts panel via "Windows/ Automation/ Scripts".
  4. Run the script by double-clicking its title, layers copies are created.


Before After

I am thinking about exporting these layered text frames for external translation and integration of the translated texts.
Until then, tagged text seams to be a good lead but I am taking any process input smiley-wink


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