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If you need to get back all your inline/anchored objects, This script is for you. It duplicates any anchored objects to a new layer.

This is the first script from my dear friend Tomaxxi that I talk about, but be sure others will come. For those who don'tTomaxxi, he is the owner of that great website indisnips which intends to offer short snippets of code to scripting rookies.

Let's see what it's all about.

idif you want to make editable line charts with Indesign, forget plugins!

Dmitriy Lapayev has developed some outer space script with chart generation and above all data backup in a loaded XML file.

if you change the datas or scale the host rectangle, run again the script to update your chart. Impressive!

idfr 01If you are fed up with using Illustrator to get pie charts into Indesign, you are going to fell thankful to Marc Autret and his new product: Claquos 2.

From now on, without leaving Indesign, you can create terrific pie charts. Fans of annual reports, go nuts !

idToday, it's not one bu two scripts that I propose.

Why two ? Well, the two snippets come from my dear friend Marc Autret and both allow to handle foot notes.

So it was obvious to give them packaged here.

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