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idInGutter allows you to easily create, style and manage a rule set between a text frame's columns in InDesign CS4 to CS6


idIndexMatic 2 is a powerful and highly configurable word-indexing tool for InDesign CS3, CS4, and CS5+ (Mac and Win). The present release (v. 2.021) offers completely new features: ‘sub-topic’ processing, XML export, InDesign snippet generation, and much more!

Peter Kahrel, June 2011“This script is a truly wonderful achievement. It's versatile, clever, and lightning fast, and the options are sensible.”

idIf you are using the default supplied script CropMarks.jsx within Indesign, you will enjoy this revised version of this script by Loïc Teixeira. This one prevents crop marks to be placed into the selection. 

idWhen you import a PDf file into Indesign, you can set some parameters. But once the file is placed, you can't modify the options anymore (imported page number for example) but import again the same PDF.

This script from JR Boulay allows you to modify all the options on the fly. Very useful !


Select a frame containing an imported PDF file. 
Run the script and set new import parameters.

PDFOptions editor

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