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Wordalizer is a “word cloud” generator written in JavaScript for InDesign CS4 and CS5 (Mac and Win). The current stable release (v. 1.25) is based on a new lexical parser that runs up to 100X faster than the previous beta!
It also provides a number of improvements and new features: 6 source languages supported, a full word list editor, session-persistent settings, ability to rework from the active cloud, control of the minimum word length, “rarest words” option, 15 color shemes...

It's a good idea to avoid extreme scaling both in expanding and reduction. And you may have to stay around 85/115% ratios.
But the best thing shouldn't be to let the pictures 100% scale ?

Yes but, your document is now compler, all your pictures placed and the last thing you want is spend time modifying all the pictures one by one. So who cares after all, I make my PDF, and let the publisher deals with that. If you do so, it's probably meaning you like playing to the russian roulette (can I just say that ?).

Consciously letting important scales values in Indesign, You are giving to the PDF Engine the control over your image resampling and it's like asking the baker to lay your carpet. And Photoshop does that so well...

Ok but It's not tellin me how  to resize all my images in one step! Just use this script from Kasyan Servetsky that will ease your life !


Multi Find Change

idIf you have to do several Find-Change operations, you must have already installed "FindChangeByList" script.

This script, although very efficient is some way limitated. If you work on multilingual documents or just want to add a request, you have to edit the source text file.

Then there was space for some tool which could be efficient for multiple find-change request but also flexible. And suddenly, Martinho comes and blows us all. Not only, his interface is very elegant (Flash) but his product "Multi-Find Change" (MFC in short) is just the perfect tool.

Sets Management, Batchs settings...Take advantage of the launch offer. MFC is then quite half its normal price. But even at full price, it will be worth every penny.

Logo Hurry Cover chez indiscript.comUpdate from this article to 27.06.2013
Here is the BETA Version of HurryCover 2 for InDesign CS4, CS5+, CS6 and CC (Mac/Win).

We are proud to announce today the BETA release of HurryCover 2 for InDesign CS4, CS5+, CS6 and CC (Mac/Win). This tool allows you to create perfectly sized hard covers or dust jackets which you can easily re-adjust the dimensions, the spine, the back and/or front flaps whenever you want. If the document needs to be updated according to new measurements, HurryCover automatically moves the layout components the required distance and ensures that guides and fold marks always fit the related dimensions. Feel free to bring below your feedbacks, reports, and ideas!

Illustration de Hurry Cover 2Illustration de Hurry Cover 2

HurryCover 1 was a pretty rudimentary script intended for InDesign CS-CS3 users. It has provided them a valuable service for over five years but it had various issues and serious limitations. HurryCover 2 is a complete overhaul rewritten from scratch. It now requires InDesign CS4 or later to take advantage of the most advanced functionalities of the scripting environment, including GUI features.

Here are some of the key features:

  • InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC compatible, Mac OS and Windows platforms.
  • New user interface, providing either English, French, or German language depending on your InDesign localisation.
  • Supports all usual InDesign measurement units: agates, ciceros, centimeters, inches, millimeters, picas. (You can instantly switch from one to another without leaving HurryCover.)
  • Front and back flap support, including turn-in thickness.
  • Custom printer's marks, fold marks and guides for spine and flaps.
  • Automatic repositioning and “Smart resize” algorithms.
  • Metadata manager.

Meet us on the site of Hurry Cover at and expect all abaout this area!For the ancient version of InDesign (CS3 and older) you have to download the version ago.

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