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aiAutomate objets replacement with a symbol !

With symbolReplacement, replace every object of a selection by a given symbol (Named 'Dot').
Then, you don't have to update 10, 20, 30 objects but only one symbol.


  1. Download and place the script in the Illustrator scripts 's folder.
  2. In your document, draw  the symbol you will use for replacement et name it VERY PRECISELY "Dot". 
  3. Select all the objects to modify and launch the script via File/Scripts/ (Other scripts/ if you didn't save the script in the Illustrator script folder) SymbolRemplacement.

All the the selected objects were instantly replaced by the symbol.

Overview (7 pictures):

dotsymbole objsel

filescript scriptselect

scriptapplied symbolmodif


Download :

21 thoughts on “SymbolReplacement”

  1. Thanks this saved me a couple hours of tedious un-creative work! Who knows how much more it will save in the future. Appreciate it mate.

  2. thanks

  3. Thank you.

  4. thanks :) !

  5. Thank you SO much -- this has saved me more time than you can possibly imagine. Works perfectly.

  6. Merci beaucoup!

  7. Very handy script (once I followed the directions and properly named the symbol)! Thanks for sharing this!

  8. Thanks so much mahn

  9. ohai!

  10. AMAZING thank you so much for this. Bravo!!!

  11. Excellent! Merci beaucoup :)

  12. Thank you!! C'est parfait! Do you have patreon?

  13. merciiii :*

  14. Thank you!

  15. Many Thanks

  16. Hi, thanks so much for making this. However, after naming the symbol Dot I still get the popup saying 'Il Faut nommer votre symbole'. Any fix for this?

  17. Thanks a lot. It worked on AI 2020

  18. Thank you so much! Still having trouble making it work, but hopeflly after sending the thank you e-mail it will work 😇

  19. Thank you, you saved me some time.  😅

  20. I'm getting the same message. did you ever figure this out? thanks

  21. Thank you very much. A big time saver. Some feedback: when items are grouped, the script wants to replace everyone with one symbol at the size of the group. I have to ungroup objects for this to work.

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