If you ever created GIF files with Adobe products, you know how cumbersome this can be. Many Youtube videos show the necessary steps : create frames in Illustrator, export artboards, import in Photoshop, set up the animation, export the GIF file. And the worst part? Any change and you start this all over again. But that's an old story now!

This is what I have been doing for a while. But then I thought there should be a simpler way. What about a tool inside Illustrator that would let me do everything I need without leaving Illustrator? Ladies and gentlemen, welcome GIFStudio!

This extension will let you create, set up images' order and duration, preview and export your animated GIF files very easily. 

No more Illustrator <=> Photoshop Workflow! 

Exemple GIFStudio Image Fixe
Fixed image (source)
Image animée
Animated image


The UI intends to be self-explicite to ease onboarding.

Home GIFStudio

Opening the panel


Setup GIFStudio

Setting up images' order and duration


Preview Animation

Preview the animation.


Background color 

Set background color to feel the animation in production. 

The extension is currently localized in english, french and danish. Other languages should follow. 

To get GIFStudio, go on Adobe Exchange : Link to GIFStudio

A trial version is available as well.

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