Javascript Adobe IllustratorYou may have ever noticed, when opening in Illustrator a PDF file generated for example from InDesign, that some characters affected by an horizontal scale in the indd source file become affected by an inverse vertical scale and a different point size (that phenomenon seems to occur only in the case of characters manually condensed using an horizontal scale below 100%, and not in the case of manually extended characters). For example, some text with size 20pt and a 80% horizontal scale ends up with a size of 16pt with a 125% vertical scale, with a visually identical result. In the case of a 90% horizontal scale the inverse result is a 111.1111111111111…% vertical scale, rather inconvenient rational number.

invert characters hv scale en003invert characters hv scale en004So this script enables you in Illustrator to reverse this modification to revert to the original point size and horizontal scale, or to redo it to get anew a vertical scale. The two actions are available in a drop-down menu, the default selected action being determined according to the proportion, among the selected characters, of those affected by horizontal and vertical scales.

Javascript Adobe InDesignI joined as a bonus in the same ZIP archive an equivalent script for InDesign working the same way.

This functionality is also integrated into the «Text Rebuild Tools» extension for Illustrator CC+

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