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ai It's so easy to convert an anchor point from angle to rounded and back. An alt clic on your point makes an agled one, an alt clic and drag switches to rounded.

But what if you have a lot of points to handle....? Are you seriuously thinking about clicking hours and hours ? What abour using this script ?



Select points to convert to rounded and then launch the script.


aiHere are two Illustrator scripts for working on paths.

  • The first one closes all the selected open paths (or all open paths if there is no selection).
  • The second one quickly changes the orientation of one or multiple paths. Interesting if you want to add a shape to that path and need a change in the path direction.



closePath fr

  • If you have selected open paths, these one only will be closed. On the contrary, any open path will be proceeded.
  • Run the script…



  • Select the paths you want to change the direction
  • Run the script…

The scripts are available in three languages (english, french and deutsch). Before the first use, you have to set the script speaking language.
To do so, you have to edit the javascript file. Have a look on the included README.txt for the instructions.


illustratorrandomSelect demonstrates an easy way of randomizing the selection of a given number of objects.
The user can specify a percentage of up to how many objects should be considerred relative (percent) to the number of objects in the current selection. If nothing is selected prior to calling the script then all page items of the foremost document are set as the initial selection. (Source : Adobe Exchange)

textOnPath eases the use of the text tool on a path.
All you have to do is to select a path and launch the script…

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