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AcrobatQuite logically, Acrobat Reader is rather technologically limited compared to Acrobat Professional. But once in a while, you wish you could do more without buying Acrobat pro. Let's talk about comments summary. Gilad offers us an alternative in order to achieve that result. And as a kind attention, Gilad offers 10% rebate to every order made from Scriptopedia !

And as a kind attention, Gilad offers 10% rebate to every order made from Scriptopedia!

  • Script : Create Comments Summary 
  • Author : Gilad
  • Type : javascript
  • Compatibility : Adobe Reader - Windows / Mac OS
  • Price : 50$ > 45$ via Scriptopedia


Because it's not possible to generate PDF files in Reader, or to create TXT files (unless you have a special right applied to your file), I've chosen a different path. This script will create the comment summary and then present it in a new window, inside a text box, which you can then copy & paste into Word, Notepad or any other application. It looks something like this:


Aperçu du script


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