This script enables to change a paragraph rule below to a rule above visually identical (in the case of a single-line paragraph) or conversely.

Mikhail Ivanyushin recently provided for free a set of scripts for InDesign that he wrote for his use, intended to comply, for page layout, with a number of ideal proportions drawn from his lifelong designing experience and some reference books that influenced him during these years. Each script comes with a pdf containing detailed explanations.

Gutenberg Drop Caps is a script designed by Mikhail Ivanyushin to help achieve in InDesign some drop caps closer to the ones we can see in ancient books such as the Gutenberg Bible[1]: this script enables, starting with a paragraph with a standard InDesign drop cap — where the first letter is surrounded by a rectangular empty space, with the rest of the paragraph aligned to the right — to get a paragraph where the rest of the text fits to the shape of the drop cap right side — like in the case of a free shape graphic frame with contour wrapping on. Then a panel offers a few additional settings after processing. In the same time it keeps the text integrity (the first letter remains visible in the story editor) to preserve search and indexation.

Mikhail Ivanyushin designed this script to extend the possibilities of creating running headers from master pages in InDesign, enabling to achieve:

  • headers including an automatic numbering (not typed as part of the text but defined in the paragraph style),
  • headers combining text snippets from various paragraphs from the page,
  • headers extending to more than one line (instead of automatically narrowing to fit in a single line).



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