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Updated on 12.11.2012

Inspite of all its qualities, Datamerge is unable to produce true tables.

But what if you want to use  datamerging and yet get a true Indesign table ?

Here is a script that may be helpful !

02 preparation baseResults

acHere is a bunch of scripts that will ease your daily use of Acrobat. With abracadabraTOOLS created by JR Boulay de abracadabrapdf.net, you can now flatten your forms, count words, add folios...

Let's go and see what it contains !

idInGutter allows you to easily create, style and manage a rule set between a text frame's columns in InDesign CS4 to CS6


psOften is it asked on forums, for a solution to create picture frames using percentage as the unit of measurement for the framework.

The disadvantage of enlarging the work area (a more than common practice to create picture frames) is that percentage should be calculated according to the ratio of the image for an enlargement of the height and width.

This script, write from Habaki is the solution. No matter the size of the image, the appearance of your photos will always be the same, or not the same, depending on what you want!

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