You have to edit a letterhead with a 2-lined address as footer. The updated address is longer and will take 3 lines, but the last (third) line of the new address must be at the same level as the last (second) line from the former address. In that case of course the address should already be in a text frame with bottom-aligned text (Text Frame Options > Vertical Justification > Align > Bottom) but the apprentice who took care of the previous edition had kept the default alignment set to "Top".

You may add manually a guide at the level of the last line, set the alignment to "Bottom" and bring up the frame to align approximately the last line to its former position, before editing the address, or you can use this script that enables to "copy-paste" the baseline (the vertical coordinate) of a selected text:

blanc tournant

You have an image or another graphic that you want to place in a a frame with fixed dimensions and you want to resize the image using an uniform scale which will leave an even margin inside the frame around the image, that is what this script will enable you to achieve with a single click.

Javascript inDesign

You designed an InDesign document, using a number of images, and you want to replace those image links with new source files whose names differ from the previous following a predictable pattern. This script will enable you to use InDesign's "Find/Change" dialog box to replace those links.

Javascript Adobe Illustrator

When you open in Illustrator a PDF file generated from InDesign or QuarkXPress, you certainly noticed that the paragraphs are always split into several text frames, at least one for each text line but often you even see multiple contiguous text frames on the same line. If you do not have available the source file and you want to be able to edit the text from the PDF using Illustator, it is more convenient to have one single text frame with several lines, where you can then insert or delete words or whole lines, modify the leading, alignment, kerning, tracking, etc.

As i promised you in my first article "Fit a text to an outline", here is a script that will enable you to merge text parts together to get multi-line text frames.



An original idea from Loic Aigon, designed by Eddy.VH. It 's a scripts library for Desktop Publishing Adobe products. Find Javascript for Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign and Acrobat or ATN scripts ( Photoshop actions ) you need.