RoundNumberPixelsSelect ps logo002Round Number Pixels Select is a new panel for Adobe Photoshop to help you resize the selection border horizontally and vertically to “round” numbers, i.e. multiples of a preferred number of pixels (e.g. multiples of powers of 2 such as 8, 16, 32) before cropping an image, to get more convenient dimensions (e.g. an integer number of JPEG blocks).

MagicTints is the latest addition to the panels by developer Anastasiy Safari, classified here in the Photoshop category but also integrated into Illustrator and InDesign, and soon available for other applications. This panel is pretty intuitive considering that I managed to use it at 1st time without needing to read the documentation: MagicTints stores the reference picture you choose, then uses it as color palette to recolor your images.

Although it is generally not recommended to open in Illustrator a PDF generated, for example, from InDesign or QuarkXPress, or simply generated from Illustrator but saved as PDF/X, we eventually end doing it at some point when the source file is not available and we simply want to pick up some graphic assets to reuse in a new design work. We can notice then that the paragraphs are always split into several left-aligned point texts, that some characters originally affected by an horizontal scale in the source file appear affected by an inverse vertical scale and a different point size, that some characters, especially dingbats, sometimes turn out converted to outlines, etc. This extension for Illustrator CC+ (html5 panel not compatible with old CS versions), baptized «Text rebuild tools», gathers a few functions, some of them already published here as separate jsx scripts, to help recreate and rebuild editable lines/paragraphs/stories from these items.

This script moves horizontally selection or spread contents to the pasteboard or moves them back to the pages.



An original idea from Loic Aigon, designed by Eddy.VH. It 's a scripts library for Desktop Publishing Adobe products. Find Javascript for Photoshop, Illustrator, inDesign and Acrobat or ATN scripts ( Photoshop actions ) you need.