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SwitchLayerVisibility is a script that allows you to toggle the layer's visibility from a keyboard shortcut whatever the software is.

  • Script : SwitchLayerVisibility
  • Author : Loic Aigon
  • Type : javascript
  • Compatibility : Photoshop - Illustrator - inDesign / Windows - Mac OS X
  • Price : FREE

Use :

Download and unzip the script (See Attachment).

    1. Create a new script in the scripts panel (Active recording if needed)
    2. File > Scripts > Browse toward the script SwitchLayerVisibilityPSD.jsx
    3. Stop the recording of your script
    4. Apply a shortcut key to your script
    1. Load the script or its shortcut into the InDesign scripts folder
    2. Edition > Keyboard shortcuts and apply a shortcut to the script

There you are, you can now switch layer visibility from one keyboard shortcut smiley-wink

Download :

Script SwitchLayerVisibility
Zip file > 4Ko

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